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Need a place to draw online for free? Visit, and also get inspired by other people’s work displayed in the artpad art gallery. is the web address for the artpad service offered on If you have shopped for art prints on the internet, you may have heard of It is one of the most popular online stores selling home décor and art stuff. This store is operated by, inc. which is also the parent company of, another online store where you can purchase posters and/or artworks.

If you have never used the artpad service or have never been to before, you may want to know what it is and how to use it. Artpad is a digital canvas where internet users can create their own drawings or paintings on the internet. The artpad service is designed for internet users aged 18 years or older. It is not a free online drawing game for kids. If you are a parent who wants to find an online drawing game or some place for your kids to draw online for free, you should look somewhere else since the artpad site is not suitable for your purposes.

When visiting, all users should read and agree to their privacy policy and terms of use before using the artpad service. Even though it is free to access the artpad service, it comes with terms and conditions which can be found at If you have concerns, you can contact them by writing an email to or by dialing their toll free number: 1-800-951-5592.

After typing the url: into your web browser, you will directly arrive at the artpad art gallery page where you will view an animation about how to draw an art work step by step. You can control and adjust the replay speed or skip the animation to see the finished drawing directly. To view all available masterpieces in the art gallery, you simply click on the “view another” link. If you would like to create your own digital art masterpiece, you should use the “paint your own” function. In the “paint your own” mode, you will be given an empty canvas and a painting brush. You can use these tools to start to express yourself in painting. To draw better, you may want to adjust the paint brush size, pick different colors, choose between brush and bucket painting modes and employ more colors by adjusting the opacity. If you are done with your drawing, you can select a frame for your art work and use the “hang in gallery” function to see how it looking when your work is displayed in a gallery. If you are not familiar with their painting tools, please read the tips section to find detailed help. For your convenience, this site allows you to print out your work, save your work, or send it to your friend via email.

The artpad online application is still in beta. This might be the reason that it showed some error messages when I tried to access the “paint your own” and “add to this painting” functions. However, despite the error messages, I could still use those functions to draw without any problems.

If you need an internet site where you can draw online for free, you should give the artpad web site a try. Here is the link: