– Bank of America Home Equity Loans

When homeowners want to finance their expenses using their home equity, they will need home equity loans and/or lines of credit. For instance, sometimes they need money to pay their children’s college tuitions or to pay the bills for their home repairs. Some people who want to consolidate their credit card debts may also need these types of loans or credits.

If you are interested in the home equity loan or line of credit offered by Bank of America, you should check out the given link. This web page is on, the BOA online banking official site. On this site, you will learn the difference between a Home Equity line of credit (HELOC) and a Home Equity loan. In general, for people who like flexibility and ongoing access to funds, HELOC is the way to go; for people who need predictability and a one-time payout with fixed payments, the latter one is the best choice. They offer an online tool at the site to help visitors to compare these two loans side by side. Also the home equity calculator provided by them can help people to estimate their monthly payments and let them figure out how much they can afford.

This site provides information for both new and existing BOA customers. For new BOA clients, they can learn how to apply for Bank of America home loans. If you don’t need help, you can submit your loan application online. Otherwise you can talk to a home loan officer by calling the toll free telephone number: 1-866-436-0418. Or you can leave a message using the online contact me form and let the office call them. For existing customers, you can find BOA home loan customer service phone number and access all the other account services on this page such as locking in a fixed rate, transferring balances and requesting a line of credit increase.

To learn more information on home equity loans offered by Bank of America, check out the following link.