Compare Bank of America Checking Accounts

At the provided link below, you can compare Bank of America checking accounts.

Bank of America (BOA) has been providing financial banking services to Americans for many years. They serve both individual customers and corporations. Multiple lines of personal banking products can be found at BOA such as checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans and others.

Several types of checking accounts are available at this bank for individual customers including eBanking, MyAccess and Prima with Tiered Interest checking. These accounts come with different features and are associated with different fees and requirements. Before opening a new checking account at BOA, you should compare them side by side so that you can find the best one to fit your needs.

For your convenience, BOA offers a Bank of America checking accounts comparison page on which can help you to make your own choice. For instance, if you do most of banking online, you may consider the ebanking service. The reason is that ebanking will not charge you a monthly fee if you use paperless statements and do your transactions at ATMs or electronically. However, if you need a full-service checking solution, you may consider the other two options: Prima with Tiered Interest or MyAccess checking. But the good thing is that all these 3 types of checking accounts mentioned here are eligible for the participation in the Keep the Change program, a special BOA program which aims to help their clients to save money from their everyday expenses.

If you want to explore the BOA checking account options and compare them on the same table, visit the provided link above.