HomeLoans.BankofAmerica.com – BOA Home Mortgage Loan Refinancing

Homeloans.BankofAmerica.com – BOA Home Mortgage Loan Refinancing

Homeloans.bankofamerica.com is the web address for the online site at which buyers can find out the details about mortgage loans available at BOA. BOA stands for Bank of America which is a FDIC member and among the top 5 commercial banks in the USA.

At this web site, internet users can examine BOA home loan products and find the best one to fit their needs. This site is not only in English but also in Spanish. But the English is the site’s default language. If you prefer to read it in Spanish, you have to change the language settings.

BOA provides home loan information for both new home shoppers and home owners. No matter if you want to get a new home mortgage loan or refinance your current mortgage loan, you will find this web page useful. For instance, if you need some cash for other expenses or want to switch to a mortgage with a fixed interest rate, you may need the mortgage refinancing service and you should take a look at the “Refinance your home” section on the page. If you are shopping for a new home, the information in the “buy a home” section is for you. If you need the equity in your home to pay your kid’s college bill, then check the “use the equity in your home” link.

Internet visitors can also check Bank of America mortgage rates on this web page in the “view current rates and calculate payments” section. When checking the current mortgage rates, visitors need to define the mortgage loan type and the state they are living in. For instance, if you are from the state of Michigan and want to purchase a new mortgage, today’s 30 year fixed rate is 4.375%. On the lower right of the page, visitors can also find links for tools which can be used to calculate loan payments. One is for “buying a new home” and the other is for “mortgage loan refinancing”.

In conclusion, http://homeloans.bankofamerica.com is really a useful web site for shoppers who would like to learn more information on BOA mortgage refinancing and new home loan options.