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Why do you want to manage your Axis Bank account online?

This post is to show you how to manage your Axis Bank account on the internet. If you use AxisBank services and have an AxisBank account, you should learn how to manage your AxisBank account online because it will make your life much easier.

With internet banking, you don’t need to go to your local Axis Bank branches as frequently as before since you can get some of your transactions done on your computer at your cozy home. For instance, if you want to transfer some money from one of your accounts to another, you can get it done online. You can also check your bank account balance and make an arrangement to pay your bills on the internet.

How to manage your Axis Bank account online

Axis Bank, one of the major banks in India, provides internet banking services at If you are a customer of AxisBank and want to access or manage your Axis Bank account on the internet, you have to remember this web address. If you want to learn what banking products and/or services available at AxisBank currently, you should visit their official website at Both personal banking and business banking services offered by Axis Bank are described at the site. The following is a simple guide on how to manage your Axis Bank account online.

1. Visit, the official web site of Axis Bank.

2. On the top left corner of their homepage, you can see “Net Banking”, “Personal Banking” and “Log on”. Since you want to use AxisBank Personal banking services, you should choose “personal banking” and not “business banking”. After making the selection, you should click on the “Log on” button. Then you will be led to the Axis bank account login site which is also known as the iConnect net banking site. The direct link to the Axis bank account login site is, as I mentioned earlier.

3. To access your account at the Axis bank account login page, you simply need to type in your user ID and your password which should be included in your welcome package. If you accidentally forgot your iConnect account password, it doesn’t matter. You can use the online password retrieval system offered on their site to get your password back by following the instructions there.

4. Before clicking on the “submit” button, don’t forget to select which functions you want to access. The options include “fund transfer” (within your own accounts or with a third party account), Demat balance and bill registration.

5. After login to your iConnect net banking account, you can manage your Axis Bank account online. For instance, you can check account balance and register your bill.

If you are new to iConnect net banking site, you cannot register for a new Axis online banking account online. If you want to use Axis online banking services, you need to go to the Axis Bank local branches in your area to activate your online account first. The application forms can be downloaded at

Is it safe to use Axis online banking services?

The AxisBank login website comes with many security features which allow people to use their services with peace of mind. You do not need to worry about someone stealing your login ID or password while using Axis online banking services, as the communication between you and the site is encrypted by SSL. The Axis Banking site recommends the use of Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, although most major browsers today, such as Firefox and Chrome, all support SSL, and should also work fine. Check out today to learn the details about how to manage your Axis Bank account on the internet.

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