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View your ADP iPaystatements at the ADP iPay login portal, ADP is contracted by many employers to handle their payroll, and as a result, millions of employees log on monthly at to check their monthly pay stub.

What does ADP do?

ADP is the world’s largest human resource outsourcing company. The services they provide include payroll processing, benefits and insurance administration, tracking of vacation and sick leave, as well as handling of both federal and state taxes. They handle human resources for many large companies, including quite a few Fortune 500 companies. However, typically, it is the smaller companies that find it more efficient to outsource their human resource function, as it is too expensive to hire a full-time payroll administrator a small number of employees, and over-taxed owners of small businesses often make mistakes with their payrolls when they do it themselves. Therefore, aside from large companies, ADP is also very commonly used by small businesses. To make it more efficient for employees to check their pay, benefits and leave, ADP created the iPay portal website, accessible 24/7 online, so that employees can have this information at their fingertips day or night. Below is the procedure for logging into the ADP iPay portal.

How do you use properly and safely?

1. You need a browser which can handle Javascript and SSL. Most major browsers today, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome, are okay
2. view your payroll, you need to have either Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader installed in order to read pdf files, which is the format that your pay stub will be in.
3. In order to use all the features available at, you may want to disable your browser’s popup blockers, since they may cause some problems while you visit If you have no idea what is a popup blocker or don’t know how to disable popup blockers, you can learn the details on the ADP iPayStatements site.
4. If you are extremely concerned about security, you may want to read the “Security settings” section on before you access your payroll account on the site. The most important point is to check the “Do not save encrypted pages to disk” option in the browsers. In addition, it is not a good idea to check your payroll on a public computer, because someone may have installed a key logging program to capture user names and passwords.

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How can you access your payroll account at the ADP ipaystatements login page

1. Go to the ADP ipaystatements login page at
2. Click the button “Login” found on the upper left of the page. On the next page you will be asked to enter your Ipay user ID and password.
3. If you have forgotten your ipay login information, you can get your user ID and password back after the system verifies your identity with some personal information that only you can provide.
4. If you are new to the ADP ipaystatements site, you may need to register a new ipaystatements account during your first visit to the site. To register an online payroll account at, your company must be an ADP payroll service customer, and you must have been given a Registration Pass Code by your boss or payroll administrator. The registration process at the ADP ipaystatements site is very simple. You just need to follow the instruction and you can get it done with minutes.

With the ADP iPaystatements site at, you can easily view and manage your payroll account easily online.

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