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Track your account at portal.ADP.com, the ADP Self Service Portal website.

ADP is the abbreviation of Automatic Data Processing, which is the name of a business service company. ADP’s clients include businesses of all sizes. If your company wants to outsource payroll, employee benefits, retirement services and/or human resource, you will be interested in their products and services.

If your company is currently using one of ADP’s services, you may want to know how to access ADP accounts online? When you just start to use a new service, you cannot get familiar with it right way. That is why you are not alone in facing these kinds of questions.

To check your account, you should visit the ADP Portal login page. Here is the link: https://portal.adp.com/public/index.htm. To use this site, you have to register an account and add your service first. Follow the instructions on the site and you will see all the required info for registering a new account. For instance, you have to enter your registration pass code. What is a registration pass code? It is a code required to register ADP products online. This code may contain both numbers and letters. If you don’t have this code, you should get it from your company’s administrator. To add a service, you need to user your ID and password to log into your ADP account first.

New users who don’t know where to start should check out the “help” section on the site.

To update your security profile or to change the password of your account, you have to sign in first. Once you click on the related links, you will see a pop-up window where you should type in your User ID and password. If the login information entered is not correct, access will be denied.

For your convenience, you can bookmark portal.adp.com, the link for the ADP Self Service Portal. Next time when you want to visit this website, you can probably save some time by using the bookmarked link.

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