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Check Abuelo’s Menu online at www.abuelos.com, the official web site for Abuelo’s Mexican food restaurant.

Abuelo’s is a Mexican food restaurant chain. At this time, there are 39 Abuelo’s restaurants distributed throughout 15 states in the United States. The company that owns Abuelo’s Mexican food restaurant has a headquarters office in Lubbock, TX. Their phone number is 1-806-785-8686. You can reach them by calling this telephone number or by writing to them using the contact form found at their web site: http://www.abuelos.com/newcontact_us.asp. Abuelo’s has more than 20 years of history in business. Their first restaurant opened its doors in Amarillo, TX in 1989.

Abuelo’s Menu
An advantage of living in the United States of America is that we have the opportunity of trying cuisines from all over the world. If you like Mexican foods such as quesadillas, nachos, fajitas and so on, you will like the food served in Abuelo’s restaurants. All these classic Mexican foods are listed on the Abuelo’s Menu. In addition, there is also a variety of seafood, chicken, and beef dishes on it.
Before visiting your local Abuelo’s restaurant, you can preview its menu online at their website: http://www.abuelos.com. In the Menu section, all the dishes served in their restaurants are listed under different categories such as Starters, Desserts, House Specialties, Children’s Menu, Bar Menu and the like. The Abuelo’s menu can be viewed on the web or downloaded to your computer. There may be some variation in the foods served in different Abuelo’s locations. So when downloading the Abuelo’s menu, you want to choose the location you plan to visit first.

On the Abuelo’s menu, the name and the description of dishes are listed. But unfortunately, you cannot find Abuelo’s nutritional facts on it. This may not be convenient for people who are health conscious and need to know nutritional information about foods served in their restaurants. Only when you know the nutritional information, you will know how much calories you will take in from the dish you order.

Abuelo’s Locations
If you want to try Mexican foods served in its restaurants and want to find Abuelo’s locations in your area, you may want to use the restaurant locator on www.abuelos.com. Click on the “Locations” link found on the homepage and you will see a map of the US with 15 states highlighted in brown color. Abuelo’s restaurants operate only in those 15 states. After selecting the state and city name, you will see the detailed information about the Abuelo’s restaurant listed on the next page with their physical address, phone number, working hours and services provided.

Website where you can find Abuelo’s menu: www.abuelos.com