www.bankofamerica.com/military – Military Bank of America Online Banking

Www.bankofamerica.com/military is the URL for the Military Bank of America Online Banking site. This BOA military bank online service is brought to you by the Bank of America Corporation, a publically-traded company on NYSE under the stock symbol BAC.

BOA military banking products are designed for military personnel and government employees. If you or your family member is serving in the military or working in the government, you may be eligible to enjoy these financial products. For instance, by using the BOA checking account, savings account and BOA Visa debit card, you may enjoy the benefits of the Keep the Change program and the bank match offered by Bank of America. What is the Keep the Change program? Basically, it can help you save more money from your expenses. When you use your BOA debit card to pay your bill, your purchase amount will be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount and the difference (the change) will be transferred from your checking account to your savings account. By keeping “the change” whenever you shop, you will save more money. What makes this deal even better is that BOA will match “the change” amount. The bank match rate is 5%. But for the first 3 month, the introductory match rate is 100%. $250 is the cap amount for the annual match. They will deposit your match payment to your savings account once per year but your change will be deposit into your savings account once a day. One thing that you should notice is that not all the BOA debit cards are eligible for the bank match even though they are still qualified for “the change” savings. For example, if you use a US Airway rewards debit card, you cannot get the bank match payment.

If you have already have a checking, savings or credit card account with the BOA military bank, you can enroll in the BOA military online banking so that you can access your account online. During the online account enrollment, you may need to provide your account number and PIN number. If you want to use the online banking bill pay services, you need to submit your payment information which can be found on your bills.

Another benefit of using the BOA checking or savings accounts is that these accounts can be used for direct deposit of your paychecks. By signing up for the direct deposit service, you can let your monthly income be deposited directly into your BOA accounts.

Web address for the Bank of America Military Bank Online: http://www.bankofamerica.com/military