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If you want to give blogging a go, why not create a new free blog at www.blogger.com, the Google Blogger web site.

Www.Blogger.com is a free blog host that is owned by Google, the famous search engine company. Blogger was founded in 1999 by Pyra Labs, and was bought by Google in 2003. Since the acquisition, Google has worked hard to expand Blogger and to integrate it with other Google services. One of the first things Google did was to move the service over to Google’s servers, which are more stable and robust, and to introduce web standards-compliant templates with cleaner HTML code. The Google Toolbar also has a “BlogThis!” button which allows users to directly post web links to their Blogger blogs. Google Docs also has direct integration with Blogger, allowing Google Docs users to publish to Blogger. And finally, Google has integrated Google Adsense with Blogger accounts, so that users can easily integrate Google ads into their blogs and monetize their blogs.

What tools are available at www.Blogger.com? For starters, there is a template designer, which makes it easy for a novice blogger to get a visually pleasing website for his or her blog. With the template designer, it is possible to change the layout to your heart’s desire. For example, you can choose a one, two or three column layout, and choose to have the main blog posts on the left or right of your layout. You can also change the background image of your blog, and tweak the colors that make up your template. Once you have achieved perfection with the template, you can sign into your existing Google account to begin a new blog, or sign up for a new Google account to begin blogging. The blogging interface is clean and easy to use. There is no need to remember to save, because the server automatically saves the input every time something changes. It is also easy to configure the content on your blog. You can drag and drop various Blogger Gadgets onto the empty boxes in your blog columns to fill them. There are many Blogger Gadgets which are available, some from Google, and some from third-party authors. For example, you can drag an Adsense Gadget to display ads, or a Random Post Thumbnail Gadget to display a random previous post from your blog. If you are interested primarily in aesthetics, there are also many pretty Gadgets, such as the Fish Gadget, which displays fish swimming across your Google Sidebar.

To take advantage of all the blogging tools available at the Google Blogger site, start your new blog today at http://www.blogger.com.