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To apply for personal loans from Citi Financial, visit www.citifinancial.com.

Www.citifinancial.com is the main website of Citi Financial, the Consumer Finance division of Citigroup. CitiFinancial specializes in offering retail loan products to consumers (as opposed to businesses and high net worth individuals). A wide variety of products are offered by Citi, including personal loans, student loans, and home equity loans.

There are many reasons a person would suddenly need cash. Perhaps your car broke down and you need money to repair it. Or perhaps the central air conditioning in your home is out. Or maybe you’re looking for some cash to renovate your home or to consolidate your other debts. Perhaps you’re just raising money to go on a vacation. Note however, that you cannot apply for a personal loan to start up a business (or at least you cannot state that in the loan application). This is because another branch of Citi handles business loans, and the loan officers at Citi Financial are not able to judge the chances of success of a business.

Whatever the reason for your loan, the first step is to estimate the amount of cash that you need. The more accurate you can estimate the amount you need, the less likely it is that you will over-borrow, and hence pay a larger interest than required. Citi Financial personal loans are limited to $15000. Online applications are limited to loans less than $10000. And unsecured loans are only available for loans of $5000 or below.

The next decision you have to make is whether to apply for a secured or an unsecured loan. A condition for an unsecured loan is that you are currently employed, and are able to provide proof of employment with paychecks. Unsecured loans carry a higher interest rate, and are limited to lower amounts. If you own a car or a truck, it is better to apply for a secured loan, which carries a lower interest rate, using your vehicle as collateral. If you are looking for loans above $7500, you will probably need to use your home as collateral, in effect applying for a home equity loan. Note that although secured loans carry better interest rates than unsecured loans, in the event that you are unable to repay the loan, your collateral can be repossessed by the bank.

What are the advantages of using Citi Financial? Compared to the alternatives, such as pawnshops or pay check lenders, banks usually provide a much lower interest rate, and allow a longer loan period. However, to take advantage of CitiFinancial, you need to have a relatively good credit score, and cannot have had a bankruptcy before. If you have impaired credit, you will not be able to apply for unsecured loans from Citi. You can only apply for a secured loan.

In summary, http://www.citifinancial.com allows you to apply online for personal loans from CitiFinancial.