www.clickitaway.com – TX Approved Defensive Driving Course Online – Texas Ticket Dismissal

www.clickitaway.com – TX Approved Defensive Driving Course Online – Texas Ticket Dismissal

Www.clickitaway.com is a web site providing online defensive driving courses. If you are a resident in the state of Texas and looking for a Texas State and court approved defensive driving course, you may want to check this site out. Their course number is CP360 and school number is C1566. The same course can also be registered for at another website: www.3Ddefensivedriving.com. Its Texas Approved status can be confirmed at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) web site: http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/drive/online.html, where you can find a list of Texas-approved online driving safety courses. 3DdefensiveDriving (or Clickitaway.com) is the number one on the list. It is also a member of the BBB online reliability program. If you want to know how good the driving course is, you may want to go to the BBB website to read the clickitaway.com reviews.

The online defensive driving courses provided at clickitaway.com are for several purposes including Traffic ticket dismissal, point reduction and/or car insurance discounts. These driving safety courses are fee-based. If you just want to take the defensive driving online course to lower your auto insurance by getting the safe driver discount, you just need to pay $20 to sign up. However, if you get a speeding ticket, you need to take the course for both ticket dismissal and auto insurance discount, the price will be a little be higher and you have to pay $25.

What are the benefits to take the online defensive driving course at www.clickitaway.com? The following are what they claim on their site.
1. It is fast and convenient. You can sign up at the site and start your driving course right away. The driving course is available 24/7 which allows you to gain access to it anytime that you prefer. If you have a court date in a few days and want to get your certificate ASAP, you can choose to use their next day certificate delivery service powered by Fedex or UPS.
2. It is professional. The narrative explanation accompanying the video is from experts including racing drivers.
3. The defensive driving course contains only video and animation. You don’t need to read anything. Instead, you just need to watch the video and animation. It is an entertaining way to learn driving.
4. They guarantee that you will receive your certificate otherwise they will refund your money.
5. It is simple to set up your computer and play the video. You just need a new version of Adobe Flash and high speed internet access to watch the educational video online. No other plug-ins are required.
6. Clickitaway.com accepts multiple payment methods. Both major credit cards and ACH transfer are accepted. You can use either one of them to pay your bill.

If you have questions about the Texas-approved online defensive driving course at www.clickitaway.com, you can contact by calling their telephone number 1-866-381-4131.

On http://www.clickitaway.com, visitors can also learn the safety features of cars. For example, what is anti-slip regulation (ASR)? And what is electronic stability control (ESC)?

So to learn more information on the defensive driving online course (Texas-approved), visit http://www.clickitaway.com, the web site for Click-it-Away Defensive Driving School.