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Learn how to get cashback while shopping online at http://www.discovercard.com/shopdiscover, the website for the Shop Discover program.

More and more people do their shopping on the internet. And nowadays almost all retailers with B&M stores also sell through e-commerce. For instance, Macy’s Department store has its online store at www.macys.com and Walmart’s official website is www.walmart.com. Why do people like shopping online? You may ask. The answer is because it is convenient. With e-commerce, consumers can browse through items that they want to buy in their pajamas in their cozy home. They can read product reviews and compare prices of the same item offered by different online stores easily. When shopping online, they don’t need to drive around to check the product availability and prices at different stores. The only thing they need to do is just to move and click on the mouse because on the internet, the Macy’s store and the Walmart store are just one-click away. Besides convenience, shoppers can also save some money by using online cashback shopping programs (also known as online shopping rewards programs).

There are so many web sites offering cash back shopping rewards such as Ebates, Fatwallet, Mypoints and so on. ShopDiscover is a cash back shopping rewards program provided by Discover. You may not have heard of ShopDiscover before but many of you may know Discover. Discover is one of the major credit card issuers in the United States. Many people like their rewards credit cards. But actually as a user of Discover credit card, they can also save while shopping online through the Shop Discover program.

How to earn cashback while shopping online at ShopDiscover

1. You need to be a Discover credit card user to enjoy the benefits of the ShopDiscover rewards program. If you don’t have a Discover card yet, you can apply one on their web site. Your credit card application may or may not be approved.

2. After receiving your Discover credit card, you should register it online at discovercard.com. After the registration, you will get an online account. In your Discover card online account, you can access all the information about your credit card such as balance, transaction history and bonus rewards. Once you have enrolled into the Discover Online site, you also get access to their ShopDiscover site at www.discovercard.com/shopdiscover. The login to this site is exactly same as your account login at the Discovercard site.

3. To earn cashback from your online purchase, you must go to the online merchant site through the ShopDiscover web site by signing into your account and then clicking on the link of the merchant. But you should know that not all online merchants participate in this rewards program. At this time, you can only find only around 150 retailers there.

4. Another important thing that you have to know is that you must pay your bill with your Discover credit card in order to get your purchase qualified for cashback purpose. Also, the ShopDiscover cashback offer may not be stackable with other savings or discount offers.

5. It is also a good idea to keep a record of your order so that you can use this information to track your ShopDiscover rewards bonuses.

To learn more about the Shop Discover program and credit cards offered by Discover Bank, visit their web site at www.discovercard.com.