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Check the Discover everyday giveaway sweepstakes rules and winners at www.discovercard.com/giveaway.

Are you a Discover credit cardholder? Do you make a purchase with your Discover credit card regularly? If your answer is “No”, you may want to reconsider it since Discover gives a good reason to use their credit cards: Use your Discover credit card to win prizes!

Here is how this Discover Everyday Giveaway Sweepstakes offer works. Every time you use your Discover credit card to make a purchase in 2010, you will automatically get a free entry to their sweepstakes. Every day they give away 75 prizes. There are 1 $500 Discover gift card, 4 $100 ones, and 70 $25 ones. The daily prize giveaway is an all-year-long offer. Besides, at the end of 2010 there is one grand prize which is $1 million. Do you think this is an attractive offer to use your Discover card more often?

To see the official rules of this Discover Everyday Giveaway Sweepstakes and to check the list of recent daily winners, please visit http://www.discovercard.com/giveaway. Do you feel lucky? Maybe you are one of those daily lucky winners already.

How to check the Discover Everyday Giveaway results?
1. Go to www.discovercard.com/giveaway;
2. Click on the link “See Winners” found on the bottom left of the page;
3. There are two ways to display the list of daily winners: by date or by State. If you check the result every day, you should use “view winners by date”. Otherwise, “view winners by State” is more convenient.
4. On the list of daily winners, you can see the winner’s name, residential state and the amount of prize awarded.

Next time when you do some shopping, don’t forget to use your Discover card to pay the bill. More times you pay bill with your Discover card, more free entrees you will get to win prizes. If you are lucky, at the end of 2010, the $1 million dollar grand prize could be yours. Good luck.

Source: www.discovercard.com/giveaway