www.EPPICard.com – Eppicard Customer Service Phone Number

Www.Eppicard.com is the URL for the EPPICard official web site where you can find the EPPICard customer service phone number for your state’s cards.

If you are an EPPIcard user, you may find http://www.eppicard.com very useful and informative. At this web site, you can find answers to many common questions regarding the use of these special prepaid debit cards. In the “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) page, you will see a list of commonly-asked questions with their answers shown below. For instance, there are answers for questions like “How do I use EPPIcardto make a purchase?”, “How do I avoid ATM fees to get cash from my account?” and “How can I check my Eppicard account balance?” For people who have used this payment service for a long time, these questions may be very easy to answer. But for new users, these questions are very important. To fully enjoy the benefits of using this state payment service, you have to gain a full understanding of its policies and procedures. If you cannot find answers to your question, you may want to find help by contacting the customer service.

As you may know, Eppicards are  special prepaid cards which are used by several US state governments as payment cards. Each state’s EPPIcards is associated with its own customer service phone number. Before making your phone call, you have to make sure that the telephone number you get is the correct one for your state’s cards. Also you may be wondering if there is a fee for calling the EPPIcard customer service, and the answer is yes. You can read the Program Materials for your State’s EPPI card for details. The Program Materials can be found online at http://www.eppicard.com. At this site, navigate to the page for your state’s cards and you will see it.

How to find Eppicard customer service telephone number online?
1. Visit www.eppicard.com;
2. Select the state which issued your eppicard from the drop down list or the icon images shown on their home page. For instance, if you are using Florida EPPIcard Mastercard debit card, choose “Florida” and navigate to the Florida Eppicard page. Here is the link: https://www.eppicard.com/fledcclient/.
3. On the individual state Eppicard page, there is a “Contact Us” link on the lower right hand side. Click on the link, you will see the Eppicard customer service telephone numbers. For instance, the telephone number for Florida Eppicard Mastercard customer service is 1-877-567-1768 which can be found on https://www.eppicard.com/fledcclient/ecard_pa_contact.jsp.
4. Please be aware that even within the same state, the customer service phone numbers for different types of EPPi cards vary. For instance, in the state of Illinois, 1-877-567-1769 is for Child Support and 1-866-338-2944 is for Child Care Providers and Personal Assistants.
5. Their customer service is available 24/7. If you want to check your account balance or transaction history, changer your PIN number, dispute incorrect charges, report stolen or damage card or need help for your card use, you should contact customer service. But to use this service, you may be charged a fee.

Website to find the Eppicard customer service phone number: www.eppicard.com