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Play 250 FREE games online at the Friv 4 Schools web site. Here is the link: www.frivschool.com.

Friv 4 Schools is a collection of free flash games that is safe and age appropriate for children in school. The website (www.frivschool.com) consists of a grid of 250 icons, with each icon representing a free flash game. When you mouse-over an icon, the game title is displayed on a red bell that tells you what flash game that icon represents. While this layout is visually appealing, it can be difficult to locate a specific game again, since the icons are not arranged in any specific order. You would have to remember the location of the game in order to locate it again. It would be much easier to navigate the site if an alphabetical list of the flash games is created.

An example of a flash game on frivschool.com is Greyhound Tycoon Racing, which is represented by the icon on the 3rd column and 8th row. This is a game in the style of the Railroad Tycoon and Sim City. Basically, you are the owner of a racing greyhound, and by buying stuff for your greyhound, you will enable it to win races and money, and become a rich greyhound racing tycoon. There are several ways for you to get money. You can rent your greyhound out to an advertising agency for photographs, which takes 3 hours. You can rent your greyhound to a petting farm for 5 hours. Or you can participate in a race if one is called, which takes the whole day. Each day consists of only 8 hours, so there is a limited number of things you can do on a day. There is always a race on Saturday, although there may be occasional races on other days as well. In addition to racing your own greyhound, you can also bet on the results of the race, either betting on your own hound or betting on other hounds. If you win a race, there will be large cash prizes, and your greyhound’s fame will increase. A higher fame means that your greyhound will earn more during its photo shoots and pet farm gigs. On the contrary, if you decline to race, your greyhound’s fame will decrease. Once you have the money, you can buy stuff for your hound. For example, you can buy great dog food, which will increase your dog’s health and endurance. You can buy toys which will increase his mood. And you can send your dog away to expensive camps which will dramatically increase his mood and endurance. And most importantly, you can hire expensive trainers which will increase your greyhound’s speed and endurance. Over time, your hound will get faster and have high endurance, and begin to win more and more races.

To play Greyhound Tycoon Racing and other free games online, visit http://www.frivschool.com, the Friv 4 Schools website.