www.kmart.com/5star – Kmart 5 Star Customer Service Program

www.Kmart.com/5star – Kmart 5 Star Customer Service Program

What is Kmart 5 Star customer service program?

Kmart is a large general merchandise retailer in the US owned by Sears Holdings. Every day, millions of customers visit Kmart stores, and interact with the many Kmart store associates working in the stores. In order to promote a customer-first mentality among its many store associates, Sears Holdings introduced its “Kmart 5 Stars Customer Service” program in December 2009. Under this program, store associates and employees walk around with a blue ribbon attached to their name tags. When an associate or employee helps a customer, he or she is supposed to present the customer with a card stating the employee’s name and the store number, and then he or she is supposed to tell the customer to visit a website that Kmart has established to leave feedback for the associate or employee. That Kmart 5 Star website can be found at www.kmart.com/5star. Once you have reached that website, you can key in the store number, the associate name, and leave a note saying how the associate has helped you in the store and whether you are pleased with his or her service. When the employee has accumulated a certain number of positive feedback, he or she gets a gold start that can be placed on his or her blue ribbon that is above the name tag.

The idea is to encourage the employees to compete to get the most stars to put on their ribbons, the maximum number of stars being 5, hence the name “Kmart 5 Stars Customer Service” program. Unfortunately, the program is not linked to compensation, so 5 star employees are not necessarily paid more, and the program itself is on a voluntary basis, so not every employee will participate.

Still, if you had a recent positive employee experience at a Kmart store and would like to reward the employee in question, make sure you find out the employee’s name and the store number, then surf over to www.kmart.com/5star to share your feedback.