www.state.ar.us/esd/ – Arkansas Unemployment Benefits Claim

www.state.ar.us/esd/ – Arkansas Unemployment Benefits Claim

Are you an unemployed Arkansas resident looking for information about how to claim Arkansas unemployment insurance benefits? If so, you should visit the www.state.ar.us/esd/ website. This is the official website of the Department of Workforce Services of Arkansas, which is the state agency responsible for administering unemployment insurance in Arkansas.

What can you do on http://www.state.ar.us/esd/?

There are many things you can do at this website. If you are newly unemployed and looking to claim unemployment insurance, you can read about the eligibility criteria and the amount that you are entitled to. Generally, to be eligible for Arkansas unemployment benefits, you need to be involuntarily terminated from your last job, and show evidence that you are actively looking for work or attending approved training or schooling.

There is also information about COBRA benefits, under which you are entitled to continue your medical insurance for 18 months after a loss of employment.

Lastly, there is a list of the local offices which you can phone or visit if you have additional questions about the process of claiming AR unemployment benefits.

If you are currently claiming unemployment checks, the same site has a link under the “Unemployment Services” to ArkNet, which is the continued claim application site for Arkansas unemployment insurance benefits. You need to file claims on ArkNet on a weekly basis in order to continue to receive your checks. Each continued claim takes 10-15 min, and consists mainly of providing evidence that you are currently looking for work or attending approved training.

Lastly, if you are currently claiming unemployment insurance but your eligibility period is about to run out, you can also visit the site to read about the latest legislation which extends the benefit period for many people. News about these extensions is located in the “Federal Legislation” section of the websites.

In summary, the www.state.ar.us/esd/ website is a must-see site for Arkansas residents who are or would like to claim unemployment benefits.