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Looking for online learning programs for your kids? Check out the Study Island website at www.studyisland for their state standards-based learning programs.The Study Island online learning programs, launched in 2000 are brought to you by Archipelago Learning. In the past decade, the Study Island online learning programs have been widely used by millions of American elementary school, middle school and high school students.

What can you find at www.studyisland.com?

Study Island offers online learning for students from K to 12th grades. Their main selling point is that their educational materials are tailored to the standards of every state. Therefore, in a sense, they are teaching to the test. Their products are for both parents of students, as well as teachers. Parents can purchase online lesson sets at a modest price for their children in specific subject areas, while teachers can do the same for their classes. Before you can purchase their educational products, you have to choose your home state. Once you have done that, you can browse the products that they offer for your state. The web-based educational products at Study Island feature instruction, assessment, practice and reports designed according to state standards. Each lesson is followed by a test to ensure that the student has absorbed the material presented. The material presented is also adaptive, automatically increasing or decreasing in difficulty based on the student’s mastery. There is also a student’s forum where they can converse with other students and share their experiences with the materials. If you have already purchased a lesson set from StudyIsland, you can log into your Study Island account at www.studyisland.com and begin your lessons. If you haven’t joined the program, you can find their pricing and purchasing information at the same site.

StudyIsland offers reputable online learning programs to school teachers and individual students in US and Canada. If you want to improve your kids’ test score in school, enroll them in StudyIsland and watch their test scores improve.