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Www.vzwpix.com is the web site for Verizon Wireless Picture Messaging.

If you are looking for the Verizon Pix Place, www.vzwpix.com might be the web site that you want. At www.vzwpix.com, you can learn a lot of things you can do with your pictures and videos on your Verizon Wireless mobile phone. For instance, you can learn detailed information on how to do picture messaging using your Verzon mobile phone and how to share your photo albums with your friends.

I found the frequently asked questions section of www.vzwpix.com is very informative. You can get answers for many common questions regarding Verizonwireless mobile phone usage. For examples, you can learn how to save pictures from Verizonwireless mobile phones to the internet, how to send pictures/videos from your Verizon mobile phone to your friends on other mobile networks, how to order prints of the pictures taken on your Verizon wireless mobile phone, whether I can include both pictures and video in one message and more.

Besides learning how to capture pictures & videos with your Verizon wireless mobile devices, you can also get to know how to maximize the usage of those pictures and video clips. Do you know how to transfer pictures and videos from your mobile phone to the web? Do you know how to set up the picture album and manage your video messaging gallery on-line? Do you know how to use pictures taken on your Verizon mobile phone to make wallpapers? If you have no clear answers to these questions, you may want to stop by www.vzwpix.com to take a look. The Verizon Wireless’s web-based gallery allows you to turn your pictures and videos into much cool stuff such as personal cups, calendars, T-shirts and more.

If you want to use all these cool Verizon services, you need to register a MY Verizon account. The link for My Verizon account login and sign up is available at www.vzwpix.com. There are many benefits to use My Verizon accounts including checking your minutes and messages, purchasing ringtones, managing ringback tones, changing your Voice Mail password and more.

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